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BioScope_AFM Atomic Force Microscope
Pathology_Microscope Zebra Fish Imaging
Room_B17 Meeting Room
Scott_Microscope Light and Fluorescence Microscope
Test_Calendar To try stuff out on ...
Group: Confocal
Image_Processing_MacPro Mac OS, 64GB RAM: IMOD, Chimera, etc
LaserMicrodissection Laser Micro-Dissection
Montaging_Microscope Montaging Microscope
Nikon_Ti2E_Inverted Nikon Ti2E Inverted Brightfield and Fluorescence
NikonA1_Inverted_Confocal Nikon A1 Inverted Confocal
NikonA1R_Confocal NikonA1R Resonant Scanner Confocal
Perkin_Elmer_Phenix_Plus High Content Spinning Disk Confocal
SkyScan_MicroCT High resolution CT scanner.
Zeiss_LSM_710_Confocal 710 Confocal Upright Fixed Stage
Group: EM
_JEOL_2200FS_CryoTEM Cryo Tomography TEM
_JEOL_6700_FESEM JEOL cryo field emission SEM
_Philips_CM100_TEM Transmission Electron Microscope
_Zeiss_Geology_SEM EBSD/EDS Scanning Electron Microscope
_Zeiss_SBF_SEM Serial Block Face SEM
AFS_1 Freeze Substitution
AFS_2 Freeze Substitution
Edwards_Vacuum_Coater Edward's Vacuum Coater
Image_Processing_LinuxMint Dell PC with IMOD, Chimera etc
Image_Processing_MacPro Mac OS, 64GB RAM: IMOD, Chimera, etc
KF80 Cryo plunge freezer & slam freezer
Olympus_AX70 Light Microscope
PelcoMicrowave Pelco Microwave Oven
Ultramicrotome_1_UC7 UC7

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